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Who We Are

Media Point is a young and dynamic media company specializing in all over the country.

We offer companies the best suited media to product, advertise and monitor their brands and reach their target demographics by pinpointing the media that will bring the highest returns and brand recall. Every company is different and every company has different needs. In today's fast changing world every company needs an edge to keep up with today's ever-chnging consumer trends and behaviors. The MediaPoint advertising segment has increased in importance, due to a lack of viewership caused by busy work schedules and longer commutes. Media Point advertising increases the number of connect points with consumers and engages consumers on different levels.

Fully Equipped

Located in the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan, Media Point is known within the market place as more than just being about the technical business of recording video and audio. Media Point is serious about audio and video solutions.


It’s about originality, innovation, imagination, creativity and the odd spark of pure genius that could lift any project to a higher level. In addition, Media Point prides itself on a high level of focus on customer retention and delivering excellent services.

What We Do

Media Point is known within the market place as more than just being about the technical business of recording video and audio.

It’s about originality, innovation, imagination, creativity and the odd spark of pure genius that could lift any project to a higher level. In addition, Media Point prides itself on a high level of focus on customer retention and delivering excellent services.

TV and Radio Monitoring

Whethere in peoples living rooms or on their mobile devices, broadcast media, including TV and radio, have greatest impact on public opinion. Acting as your eyes and ears, MediaPoint monitosrs TV coverage acrosee markets, tracking + 150 stations nationside. We also provide international TV monituring through our extensive global network of partners.

Monitoring Reports

Helping you understand your media coverage and use it to craft informed communications strategies is our ultimate goal. Our reports give you expert analysis, backed by hard facts, ad/publicity value and market rankings. In order to requiring data we’re here to transfer your all data through Google Drive, FTP, Drop Box etc. based on daily, weekly, monthly.

Media Placement

we are Creative, impactful, Daring, to the point, professional and passionate. and you may check us up on this. Maestro has a different outlook on problems, and likes to come up with alternative solutions. We dare to be different in order to stand out, so we can convey your massage with extra power! all roods lead to rome, and maybe for you, the undiscovered path is the best way to go. We would like to explore this with you!

Media Technical Services

Radio and TV studios, control rooms On-air and Transmitter site designers and engineers, electric engineers, solar power engineers (Afghan, German and Italian) sound proof and acoustic stuff. We design and install TV and Radio from zero to air. Our international technicand transmitter supplier is DB broadcast


A media market, broadcast market, media region, designated market area (DMA), television market area, or simply market is a region where the populatipon can receive the same (or similar) television and radio station offerings, and may also include other types of media including newspaper and internet content.

Printing Services

Printing Services places a high importance on customer satisfaction. We want to meet and even exceed customer expectation. Behind every order with Media Point Printing Services is a team of professionals with over a hundred years of combined experience in the printing industry. People dedicated to meeting your expectations in the print and copy business, Printing Services provides cost effective solutions and services.

Our Clients

Provincial Deminers Activity’s Documentary


Educational TVC for child

Save The Children

2D and 3D Video animation and broadcasting

East Eagle Marketing Services

Production and Media Buying of Radio Commercials


Production of TVC


Production of TVCs

Kam Group/Kam Air

Production, media buying & M&E - Radio and TV commercials E-IDs

Orange Media Forum

Production of TVC and Photography

Shayar Media Organization

Land bank Documentary


Provincial Deminers Activity’s Documentary


Production of 3 Min Video Presentation

Agha Khan Development Network (AKND)

Production of Radio PSAs


Documentary Production of Women Protection Centers


Past Works

These are some of our recent projects and we are so excited to show them to you.

Provincial Deminers Activity’s Documentary

Production of Video/Photo Documentary of Deminers and Beneficiaries.

Project Link

Contact Person: Shahabuddin “Shams”
Position: Head of Logistic UNOPS
Ph: +93 705 966 373
Email: [email protected]
Add: Chahar Rahi Sadarat Kabul Afghanistan
Location: Kabul Kandahar Ningarhar Nimroz Bamyan Paktika
Cost in AFN: 8,26,000
Period of Performance: 5 Months (2017,2018)

Educational TVC for child

Production of 3D TVC

Project Link

Org: Save The Children
Contact Person: Ab Rauf “Samadi”
Position: Procurement officer
Ph: +93 729 458 185
Email: [email protected]
Add: St# 05 Qala-e-Fatullah Kabul Afghanistan
Location: Kabul
Cost in AFN: 700,000
Period of Performance: One Month (2016)

Narcotic TVC

Production of TVC

Project Link

Contact Person: Hidayatullah “Sapi”
Position: Procurement officer
Ph: +93 790 847 654
Email: [email protected]
Add: Green Village Park Hai Sanati Kabul Afghanistan
Location: Kabul
Cost in AFN: 490,000
Period of Performance: 20 Days (2017)

Radio ad and TVCs

Production of Radio commercial and TVCs

Project Link

Org: Kam Group
Contact Person: Najib “Paiman”
Position: AMC TV director
Ph: +93 799 80 45 45
Email: [email protected]
Add: St# 4 Shir Pur Kabul Afghanistan
Location: Kabul
Cost in AFN: 16,80,000
Period of Performance: 12 Month 2017 Still Running

Electronic ID Media Campaign

Production and media buying of Billboard, Radio and TV commercials E-IDs media campaign

Project Link

Org: Orange Media Forum
Contact Person: Basir Hamedi
Ph: +93 797 2436 11
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Location: All over the country
Cost in AFN: 51,95,400
Period of Performance: 11 Months (2016-2017)

DAI, RADP-E Media Campaign

Production and Media Buying of Radio Commercials

Project Link

Contact Person: Hayatullah Safi
Position: Contract and Procurement Manager
Ph: +93 799 836 501
Email: [email protected]
Location: Kabul Ningarhar Logar Laghman Parwan Kapisa Maidan Wardak Ghazni Cost in AFN: 5,52,800
Period of Performance: 20 Days Running 1-20 Nov 2018


Media Point Animation Show-reel

Stop Drug Processing

How to keep the children during the earthquake


KamAir Promotion

Symposium on Afghan Women's Empowerment

Kabul Process

Shahab Motorcycle Commercial

Mobile Battery Commercial

Drop and Ride Free Style Bicycling Club Documentary

Awab Moradi (Welcome)

Accent Air beauty Salon

Kam Air Kabul, Tashkent, Kabul Flight 1080p

Success Story Kandahar De-mining ERAS

Pol-e-Kheshti Mosque Documentary 2019

Government Land Bank Documentary

DAWEO Documentary of Center for Women Protections

AKDN Multi-Grade Education Center, Baghlan

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